Headaches: Can my physio help?

We all have experienced a headache at some stage. We also know someone who suffers from headaches then can range from a grumbling background ache to a debilitating pain that can affect work, sleep and general quality of life

What can cause a headache?

Stiff joints in the neck are a common cause of headache. The neck is made up of many joints including small joints called facet joint that when stiff can be a source of pain or indeed cause muscle tension
Muscle Tension. Tightness of the muscles around the upper shoulder and neck region
Poor Posture. Chin Protraction (forward) and rounded shoulders can cause joint stiffness and muscle tension. With modern life we spend more time in seated postures. Sitting is the new smoking dont you know.

Physiotherapy treatments can help reduce and in some cases eliminate headaches

Common Treatments

Manual Therapy. Hands on treatment that mobilise the joints of the neck.
Soft tissue massage. Massage techniques to release the muscles around the neck area.
Dry Needling. A version of acupuncture that targets tight muscles
Exercise. Neck mobility and shoulder mobility exercises.
Core Control exercises for the deep neck muscles
Workplace/Ergonomic assessment. A review of your workspace and sitting postures can often help to identify postures that may be contributing towards your pain.

What to Expect:

A detailed assessment
Hands on treatment
Exercise programme individual to you
If the source of the pain is from the joints and muscles a significant reduction in your symptoms over the course of your physiotherapy treatments.

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