Injury Prevention:


Nobody wants to be injured. Be it that niggling back pain thats stopping you from concentrating at work or the knee pain that just won’t allow you to train in the gym, there are many way to prevent niggles becoming injuries.

Here at Compass Physio (Tullyallen and Castlecomer) our chartered physiotherapists have in depth knowledge of how to reduce your injury risk

I’ve split this into 3 areas so you may just want to read the one that is relevant to you but all can be of interest:

The Office Worker:

“ Sitting is the new smoking”. It may be the long commute to Dublin or just many hours bashing that keyboard but sitting increases our risk of Injury.

Here’s some stats

  • 80% of office jobs require no physical activity
  • 1 in 10 premature deaths can be linked to inactivity.

Sitting more than 4 hours increases your risk of CardioVascular Disease by 25%

What to do:

  • Monitor your steps. Aim for 5-10,000 per day. You can track with a fit bit or most I phones have a free built in Health App
  • Stretch or stand every 30-40 minutes
  • Stand Up Desk (You use 60 calories per hour more than sitting)
  • Walk to work or park a little further away
  • Start a lunchtime walking group
  • Walk over to a colleague instead of emailing
  • Have an exercise sheet with 5 key exercises for people to do in the office i.e. Toe Tapping, Knee Raises in Sitting, Seated Trunk Twists, Standing side bends and Neck Rotation.


The Gym goer/Sports Person:

All you friends are gyming or training and your missing out on both the exercise and the social aspect of things.

Tips to prevent Injury:

  • Get Screened: If you want to take your exercise more seriously here at Compass Physio we offer Injury Prevention Screens which are a detailed sequence of Physiotherapy tests that look to highlight any muscle weaknesses or imbalances that might be present and increase risk of injury
  • Seek advice on your training. In the gym if you find yourself doing the same thing again ask for some advice. Too often we are overworking one muscle group too much or not varying the training and thus stimulating the body enough.
  • Early Intervention: If you have a niggle and it persists despite you trying to stretch/strengthen, get it checked out. Early Intervention is key for most injuries so get it seen to by a Chartered Physio
  • Warm Up Properly. We all know this one, but so we do it? Dynamic warm up so squats, lunges are better than static holds the research tells us.
  • Cool Down/Foam Roll. After your training recovery is vital. Take the time to do some stretches or use the foam roller on the tight areas.
  • Monitor what you’re doing. Keep a log or diary of your training so you can see if your stuck in a rut or indeed overtraining.

There are lots more tips across these areas but I hope you find these useful.

As ever if there’s any questions about this drop us an email (info@compassphysio.ie) or give us a call. To make a physio appointment click here or call 041 984 7545

Paddy Mulligan

Chartered Physiotherapist

Compass Physio TullyAllen (Louth)

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