Warming Up  

Compass Physio Enfield and Castlecomer are here to keep you fit and healthy. As we begin a new year many of us may be thinking about giving the gym a go. A warm up before we work out can help to prevent injuries at the gym. Here are some top tips from Compass Physio.  


Quick facts 

Warming up (What is recommended)


  •          Increases body temperature, which reduces the chance for muscle and tendon injuries.
  •          Helps the body to deliver oxygen to the exercising muscle groups.
  •          In return this then helps to improve a person’s strength, speed and coordination during a sporting activity.




At Compass Physio we recommend using the RAMP protocol


What is RAMP


RAMP stands for Raise, Activate, Mobilise and Potentiate.  


R – Raise body temperature

A – Activate the most important muscles for the activity you are about to complete.

M – Mobilise your joints – complete a mixture of static stretching and dynamic stretching exercises.

P – Potentiate the main muscles you are using through movement drills  



R – 10 minute – bike, treadmill or cross trainer

A – Plank with a scapular squeeze, shoulder hanging or band exercises

M – Straight Arm Circles, One Forwards and One Backwards and Alternating Chest Hugs

P – Throwing, punching – low weighted exercises that replicate your routine. Squats/Lunges with arm raises are great ways to get the key muscles firing  


Benefits of Warming Up


            • Enhanced Performance
            • Improved Blood Flow 
            • Improved Oxygen transfers
            • Faster Muscle Contractions
            • Injury Prevention
            • Mental Readiness


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          Paddy Mulligan MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist Compass Physio

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