The answer from the Compass physio team is, Yes they do.

From sports teams looking to reduce injury to men with a history of back pain or just generally wanting to improve control and strength. There are more and more men doing Pilates. The person who invented Pilates was a man!

Pilates has all the same benefits for women as it has for men.

In our experience, we have taught Pilates to a wide range of people and the biggest thing it highlights is awareness of movement and control. Too often this is something that is lacking or not as good as it could potentially be. This can unfortunately lead us down the pathway of injury.

Pilates can help address these challenges!

Fellas are starting to become more and more aware of the importance of understanding how to move and control body movement just as much as women do.

The most common retort is but, Pilates will be too easy for guys”

If you have ever done a well structured Pilates class appropriate to your level of ability you will know, its a challenge!

Come and attend one of our classes and let’s see how you do.

More often than not the guys leave saying that it was more difficult than they would have ever thought!

It’s not always easy, and you spend the time learning the movements, getting stronger and having fun.

Men also get back pain, just like women get back pain.

Back pain can hold them back from doing things they love doing too – gardening, walking, working, driving, playing sport, playing with children/grandchildren or even DIY.

Well, if I was able to offer men a solution to less pain, no back pain and a path back to doing what they love doing, then Pilates is always part of that solution – trust me, I’ve been there and done it.

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Paddy Mulligan
Chartered Physiotherapist

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