The Final Stretch

Here at Compass Physio, we’re very busy at the moment treating marathoners, who are preparing for the big day!

Our exercise lead programs will help these runners enjoy and acheive their goals in this year’s Dublin city marathon!

Quick facts

  • The Dublin city marathon was first founded in 1980.
  • The current record holders for the Dublin Marathon are – Geoffrey Ndungu (KENYA) 2:08:33 and Tatyana Aryasova (RUSSIA) 2:26:13.
  • At 100 years of age, Fauja Singh is the oldest person to finish a marathon. Crossing the finish line at the 2011 Toronto Marathon

  • Top tips for the last stretch
  • Keep following your training programme – resist the temptation to change your plan coming up to the final weeks. Tapering is as much a part of your marathon training as building up your endurance was.
  • Complete a dynamic warm up with nice fluid movements through the range of motion to prepare your body for the job ahead. Remember to include the upper body with arm swings and jumping jacks. Warm up the whole body.
  • Cool down after your runs with plenty of static stretches. It is important to stretch the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes but again remember to stretch the upper body.
  • Use a foam roller on your quads, calf muscles, and gluteal region after runs to aid recovery and reduce muscle stiffness and pain.
  • Regular Massages can help aid recovery after long runs, weekly if you can, this should be completed up until the final week. Call us or book online at Compass Physio to arrange your massage today.
  • Remember to complete flexibility work to stretch out tight muscles DAILY. Pilates are low impact strength and flexibility exercises can help to supplement training in the coming weeks.
  • Get an extra hour of sleep every night from now on. Sleep is every part as important as training at this stage. Allow your body time to replenish itself after a hard session.
  • Take on plenty of fluids before and after runs. Stay hydrated the summer is over but our bodies still need water to stop us from overheating! HAVE FUN!

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Paddy Mulligan MISCP
Chartered Physiotherapist
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