Neck Pain and Physiotherapy

Across our Compass Physio Clinics in Enfield and Castlecomer we see a lot of neck pain Each week we see the

  • Ive just woke up and can’t move my neck due to the pain
  • Its been there for months and im sick of it neck pain
  • It comes and goes when i do ……… neck pain
  • Ive just had surgery on it neck pain

We have seen it all So heres the facts.

The posh name for acute/sudden neck pain which brings your neck into a twisted position is a Torticollis.

This normally presents as an abnormal positioning of the head, caused by sustained contraction of the neck muscles.
The condition can either develop slowly or suddenly. 

Torticollis may develop following a direct blow to the head, neck or shoulder region.   

Torticollis may also be caused by sudden jerky neck movements or badly sustained positions.  

Quick facts
– Torticollis will occur in around 1% of the general population
– Torticollis is most common in new-born babies
– Bed rest has been shown to worsen symptoms  

What are the symptoms?
– Limited range of motion of the head
– Headache
– Head tremor
– Neck pain
– Elevated shoulder on one side
– Neck muscle tightness
– Neck tenderness to the touch  

How is it diagnosed?  

Here at Compass physio we will complete a comprehensive physical examination to determine a true diagnosis.   

Medical imaging such as MRI or X-ray are usually not required in the early stages. 

Rehabilitation will begin following your first appointment.   

A delay in a diagnosis often leads to  a longer period of physiotherapy rehabilitation.  

What is the treatment?

The goal of physiotherapy rehabilitation with torticollis is to restore full pain free movement.   

Manual therapy will help to reduce muscle tenderness and tightness.   

While exercise-based rehabilitation will help to restore full normal movement.   

Specific physiotherapy exercise prescription will help to reduce the risk of re-injury.   

Under the guidance of a chartered physiotherapist you will be given a graded set of exercises that will allow you to gradually build up your strength and return to pain free activity.

Stay mobile as this can help to speed up the recovery.

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