7 Days Of Wellness

Here at Compass Physio and Trim Physio we have put together our list of 7 wellness posts where you can read and learn a little more. If you have any questions please email us at info@compassphysio.ie.

💧 Hydration 💧

Hydration is vital for your body.
From concentration to performance it’s important to understand that it’s about a lot more than quenching thirst.

We have all experienced the gulp of water and the feeling of thirst relief. That is a response from your body to say you have satisfied the acute need but regular fluid intake during the day is about so much more important

Why not:
Get Yourself a water bottle that you can keep
Drink water at regular intervals throughout the day
Reduce caffeine/tea. They are diuretics after all
Make a note of any effects you notice after a few days of doing this e.g. energy levels, digestion.

How much water should you drink?

Drink 22ml per kg of bodyweight.
Multiply your bodyweight in kilograms by 22 to determine the amount in ml.
This is a great starting point

Why not pop up a photo of you and your chosen vessel for carrying water


“Motion is Lotion” is a phrase popular in the physio world and i’ve grown to use it quite a bit because it’s true

Who here finds they are stiff as a board first thing in the morning, maybe thats back or knees and as time passes you free up

We’re built to move, and while exercise can create strength and endurance, mobility opens your body and provides you with access to everything you’ve built with exercise.

A mobile body can make smoother more efficient movements. Areas of tightness can lead to injury or at least are a sign of deeper issues elsewhere e.g. weak muscles.

Lets find a simple 5 minute stretching routine in the morning
Invest in a foam roller and after activity use this for 5 minutes to target tight areas Incorporate some deep breathing exercises into your stretching routine

If you want me to share my 7 minute rolling routine with you comment below or drop us a message


“Exercise is the Best Medicine”

There will be a lot of people looking for supplements and other mediums to boost their immune system. We know the importance of the lungs.

As simple a task as getting a target number of steps in will help get the lungs and thus the tissues oxygenated.

This can be evolved into jogging or running with controlled progressions.We are starting to see a lot of people pick up injuries now from getting too active too quickly and not allowing the body time to recover
Personally i find exercise first thing in the morning powerful to get the stiff joints moving but also to help keep the mind clear before delving in what the day may bring
Many of the worlds most productive and successful people have an early morning workout routine
Our advice is

✅Set small and simple targets

✅Write them down

✅Get some advice

✅Have an accountability partner

✅Enjoy what you are doing.

Motivation will dip pretty quick if its not something you actually want to do
Reach out to us if you need any advice on this


Well- Being has been on trend over the past couple of years
Examples could include

Reviewing how much time is spent in work
Making the effort to be present when with family and friends (not distracted by the little screen you carry around)

Considering Mindfulness and how some simple breathing exercises can help bring a calmness and clear the mind

The influence we can have by spending so much time focused on our children
And many more examples
The buzz word amongst my peers at the moment is “mindset” be that you as a person trying to deal with daily stresses from the outside world or the challenges of running a business that is people facing and closed to the public.
A positive mindset can bring…


Clarity An energy Calmness Our Suggestions to assist with your wellbeing Have a Routine Start the day with thoughts of 3 Things you are grateful for 3 Things you want to achieve in that day Practice some deep breathing exercises Connect with a family member each time you are tempted to jump on social media Do 30 minutes of walking/exercise Finish the day and Review what you have achieved Jot down some thoughts from the day


Many of us have more time on our hands lately than possibly ever before
But what is time if not spent wisely or with a “purpose”

I am someone who thrives on having a purpose and it was fascinating last night to hear Paul O Connell chatting about searching for his sense of purpose after finishing playing rugby.
Getting to know your mind can be as much a matter of quietening it down and seeking stillness as it is of getting in touch with your thoughts.

Taking time to reflect on

How the day was
Things that you felt
Things that happened/interactions you had
It can bring up thoughts you’re hiding from or reveal things you weren’t aware of.
It can teach you things as well as uncover how much you actually already know.


Carry a journal with you, and make a note of any thought you have that you find interesting.
At the end of the day, sit down and write about what stood out to you about any or all of them.
Don’t censor anything and see what you discover as you get going.
Pick an area of your life you’d like to address—for instance your health or your confidence—and write on it daily.

What can you do tomorrow to help you improve your experience and develop this area of your life
These really are worthwhile tasks that only take a few minutes

Give it a try

Sleep 😴

Some people are Really Good at this and some struggle

I recall working in sport 6 weeks after our little one was born and thinking how am i going to get through this day after consecutive nights of 2-3 hours sleep

We often see clients in the clinic who are not good sleepers for various reasons and it does impact their pain levels and recovery from injury

Sleeping is important in almost all physiological processes
Restoring of energy
Releasing hormones and proteins needed for tissue growth and repair
Cellular repair
Immune system maintenance
Alertness, cognitive function, and clarity of thinking.
Doing everything you can to get a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you
can do for health.

Create a bedtime routine that slows you down to rest

Consider no electronics/screens for 30 minutes before bed

Try some breathing, meditation, journaling.

The Importance of sleep cannot be overstated and in this modern world of instant access to social media and emails time for the mind and body to recover is a must


Good nutrition goes beyond a simple “diet.”

Balanced nutrition incorporates drinking plenty of clean water and regularly eating foods from each of six food groups
Milk Products
Meat and beans

These foods contain six kinds of nutrients


A person should regularly eat or drink enough of all of these nutrients to grow and remain healthy.

If a variety from all food groups is eaten regularly, it is not usually necessary to take supplements.

Even carefully chosen vegetarian diets that include dairy products or eggs can be quite sufficient.

But if little or no animal products are eaten, then grains must be eaten with legumes (beans, peas, peanuts, and lentils), nuts, and seeds to provide balanced protein.

Daily energy needs can be estimated based on age, height, weight, and level of activity.
As ever if you have any questions please reach out and let us know

We Hope you have Enjoyed our 7 Day Series

If you have any questions after reading our 7 days of well ness posts please contact the clinic direct on 046 954 9456 or email info@compassphysio.ie

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