What we do?

We believe in a practical, hands-on approach to physiotherapy and that’s why all of our Physiotherapists are not only members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy but they also come from a background of private practice health care ensuring that they bring with them a wealth of first-hand experience their treatment sessions.

Our physiotherapists provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment along with a patient specific rehabilitation programme that takes into account your current capacity, lifestyle, any sporting activities and what your goals are from attending your physiotherapy sessions.

Ensuring that every session is geared towards your capabilities & goals but more importantly so that success if easily measured – we’re passionate about your progress.




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Chronic Back Pain

When we think of Chronic Back pain most people think of pain that has been persistent for years. This is not the case however as the definition of Chronic pain is pain that lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks or longer, this can be even after the initial pain has settled. On average approximately 20% of patients that initially present with acute low back pain end up with Chronic pain one year later.

Simple tips for managing Back Pain

Unfortunately the majority of adults in Ireland will experience back pain at some stage in their life, myself included. I am always surprised at the amount of uncertainty out there among people about what treatment is best for reducing your pain and for managing it long term. Currently in Ireland mismanaged back pain causes 26 days lost productivity in the under 50’s. 48% of Irish people admit to having back pain lasting more than 5 years and a staggering 68% have an episode of pain at least once a week. With those stats in mind I have put together some simple tips for managing your back pain.

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