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7 Easy Ways To Beat Back Pain


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7 back pain
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7 Mistakes of BackPain

5 Best Back Pain Tips

How To Prevent Back Pain

Back Pain can be caused by a variety of conditions including muscle strains or sprains, osteoarthritis, and many more factors…

In some cases, the cause is unknown.

It might not be possible to eliminate all the causes of back pain from your home, but the following tips may help to reduce your symptoms and increase your mobility.

Here at Compass Physio and Trim Physio we are seeing a rise in the cases of Back Pain coming through our doors daily.

So we have but together all of our best resources for you to read through.

These Tips and Tricks may assist in your Back Pain but will not prevent it.

If you feel your Back Pain is getting worse as time goes on please feel free to contact us here!

The Best Ways to Manage your Back Pain


Here at Compass Physio and Trim Physio we have worked with back pain for years

We have a great understanding of how to manage both sudden onset of back pain and long term back pain

There are several common mistakes we consistently see people are making when they have back pain.

Could you or someone you know be making one or more of these mistakes?

We list the most common mistakes and what YOU can do about it … Read More

7 Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Back Pain

Check Out Our Back Pain Resource Videos

The Anatomy Of The Back

Our Clinic Director Runs Through The Anatomy Of The Back.

Back Pain Facts

Our Clinic Director Explains Some Back Pain Facts.

7 Common Mistakes Dealing with Back Pain

Our Clinic Director Explains The 7 Common Mistakes Dealing with Back Pain.

5 Best Back Pain Tips



Here at Compass Physio and Trim Physio we see a lot of people who have had a back injury of some sort.

We like to keep you informed with with the top tips to keep your pain under control.

Within this blog we have put 5 more tips to try help you or someone you know start to overcome back pain.

Feel free to send them this information… Read More

Back Pain
prevent back Injury

Preventing Back Injury


We all know a farmer, be it yourself, a friend or a family member, suffering from Back Pain.

In a 2012 survey of 600 Irish farmers, 56% admitted they had experienced a musculoskeletal injury…

The most common being a back injury (37%).

Discover factors needed prevent injury… Read More




7 Easy Ways To Beat Back Pain

7 back pain
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