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back pain tips

5 Tips to Help Your Back Pain

Tip #1 Breathe

The way we breathe has the potential to be a complete game changer for anyone dealing with back pain. Most people tend to think they’re breathing well just because they are alive, unfortunately this is not always the case. Sometimes our bodies tend to develop unhelpful breathing patterns which can impact how we move and contribute to pain in your back. When we are in pain we tend to breathe through our upper chests all of the time, meaning that our diaphragm, pelvic floor and ribcage don’t move very well….

7 back pain tips

7 Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Back Pain

Mistake #1

Ignoring The Pain, Thinking It Will Go Away On Its Own.
We often ask clients, how long have you had your pain? The replies most commonly vary from months to years. I was hoping it would sort itself out.

Just getting on with things and thinking the pain will go away, may work but this will take a lot of time, plus, that’s if the pain ever goes away anyway….

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