The benefits of foam rolling

Here at Compass Physio we often use foam rollers an an aid to help our clients get back moving again after an injury

We are also huge advocates for foam rolling

Quick facts

·         Foam rolling has been shown to improve joint range of movement

·         Foam rolling has been shown to improve blood flow to muscle

·         Foam rolling has been shown to help reduce muscle soreness after a sporting activity

How does foam rolling work?

A foam roller will cause an increased tension in a muscle, this will cause the brain to send a signal for the muscle to lengthen in size. Foam rolling will also increase muscle temperature through the friction between the roller and muscle this will generate heat which causes the tissue to become more flexible.

What are the benefits of foam rolling?

·         Foam rolling can help reduce pain and muscle soreness. The foam roller will increase blood flow and oxygen to the tissue. This will help muscle recover after an activity.

·         Foam rolling can help with flexibility. Foam rolling, together with stretching and rehabilitation, can help lengthen your muscles.

·         Foam rolling may help to manage your stress. Stress-related tight spots can lead to discomfort and pain which can impact on your sleep. Once the tension is reduced, you might find yourself sleeping a whole lot better!

·         Foam rolling can help improve your joints range of motion. Foam rolling helps to stretch and lengthen muscles, so you have a better range of movement.

·         It can help to prevent common injuries. Tight muscles are often more prone to injury, so self-release of muscles can help loosen everything up and increase your overall performance.

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