Caring for children’s feet

Here at Compass Physio and Trim Physio we know the importance of Caring for children’s feet… So we have put together our top tips. If you have any questions please email us at info@compassphysio.ie.

Children’s feet are growing and developing rapidly. Initially the emphasis is on allowing the growing and foot to develop without restriction.

As the child grows and becomes mobile, we look at the way the foot and lower limb functions, ensuring movement is efficient and pain free.

Children are growing and evolving into adult hood, they are not little adults.

The joints, bones ,cartilage continue to grow and develop until on average the age of twenty-five.

Children's Feet

Some treatments commonly used on adults are not appropriate for young children, while we treat

the same conditions seen in adult feet, the medicaments, and chemicals suitable for adult skin are

too harsh for growing skin. Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding on a

treatment plan for youngsters.

Tips for healthy feet in children


  1. Keep shoes till children are walking , allows foot to form without restriction


  2. Make sure shoes fit correctly , children grow so fast and can outgrow shoes quickly
  3. Socks, help keep feet healthy, absorb moisture preventing blisters, infections . make sure they fit comfortably and not too tight.
  1. Check shoes for unusual wear marks.


  2. Weekly foot checks, problems detected early are easier to resolve.


  3. Trimming toenails, follow the shape of the nails never cut down the sides

  4. Wash feet daily , ensuring to dry properly particularly between the toes

If you have any questions or concern about any aspect of your child’s foot health contact the clinic direct on 046 954 9456 or email info@compassphysio.ie

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