10 Tips for Office Workers

Generally work should be enjoyable …… However at Compass Physio we see a lot of office workers, with neck, shoulder and repetitive strain injuries. You commute to work in a sitting posture and then sit at your desk until lunch, maybe eat lunch at your desk, then work until it’s home time and drive home. All the while sitting down!! You may be fine at the beginning of the working week but by the end of the week you’re stiff, sore and have headaches. If this is the case then following tips may help to reduce the risks of injury and help you at work.




Posture: You can spend huge amounts of money on your chairs and ergonomics set up at work, but unless you’re moving on a regular basis, you’re still at risk of developing long term health issues. Sitting is the new Smoking! Move at least every hour…

Lunch: Eat your lunch away from your desk.
Water: Drink more water to stay hydrated – you’ll also need the toilet more, so hopefully you’ll do that away from your desk!

Printer: If you use a printer at work, then set it up somewhere out of reach! I know it might sound crazy, but it means you’ll have to move to get the paper!
Exercise: Exercising before, during or after work can help to reduce the impact that sitting all day has on your body.

Stress: Stress in work can cause tension in neck and shoulders. Learn to manage your stress with meditation/Exercise/Councillor

Holidays: Don’t forget to use your annual leave to recharge, that’s what it’s there for.

At home: Learn to switch off, don’t check your emails after 7pm. Work will always be there…

Body Maintenance: Get a regular check up with your GP/book a massage. If you’ve got an issue – address it.

Eye Test: If you haven’t had an eye test in 2 years and use a computer then get an eye test.

Bonus… Get a headset: Use a headset if you answer the phone more than 10 times a day.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful, if you need any further details, please let me know. At Compass Physio we offer, massage, Physio, Sport rehabilitation and Pilates.


How Can Physiotherapy Help?

If you are finding it hard to complete regular exercises due to pain, fatigue or simply time schedules speak to us at Compass Physio.

Exercise is for everybody. At Compass physio we will complete a full physical assessment and will help identify any possible underlying causes that may limit your exercise regime.

Our chartered physiotherapists will help you to build strength and strategies which will help tackle any problem.

At Compass physio we will help you succeed and reach your goals.

To find out how Compass Physio can help, call 046 954 9456 (this number covers all clinics), click here to book online.

You can also email any questions to info@compassphysio.ie

Paddy Mulligan – MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist Compass Physio

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