Flat Feet – Should I get them seen to?

Patrick Mulligan | 6th November 2020

Here at Compass Physio we have lots of enquiries about flat feet. With questions like

  • Do I need insoles?
  • Will they get worse?
  • What exercises can I do?
  • What is Pes Planus?

    Flatfoot (pesplanus)is a condition in which the arch in the foot, which runs along the sole of the foot, has not developed normally and is lowered towards the ground. The arch of the foot provides elastic recoil to the foot during high loading activities. One foot or both feet may be affected at a given time

    Quick Facts

  • The arch of the foot is not fully developed until the age of 5 in children.
  • Around 30 % of the general population have a form of flat feet.
  • There is limited evidence to show any increased risk of increased injury or foot issues due to flat feet.
  • Exercise Goals

    What causes flatfoot?

    Hereditary family history of flat feet is the most common cause Other causes include

  • Arthritis
  • Ruptured tendon
  • Diabetics
  • Certain neurological conditions
  • Weakness of the muscles around the ankle and lower leg
  • What are the symptoms?

    People who have flat feet rarely have symptoms or problems. Some people may experience episodes of pain which may be because of:

  • Changes in footwear.
  • Minor soft tissue injury.
  • Sudden weight gain.
  • Excessive standing, walking, jumping, or running.
  • Changes to training programs
  • How is it treated?

    Here at Compass Physio you will be fully assessed by a chartered physiotherapist who will manage your diagnosis. We will work with you to reduce any pain or discomfort you are having around your feet or ankles.

    Treatment in adults generally consists of managing excess loading, this will typically include working to a tailored exercise program, education around footwear and self-management.

    Your physiotherapist may recommend padding for the heel (heel wedge) or orthotics if necessary. They can help to balance the foot in a neutral position and cushion the foot from excessive loading.

    How Can Physiotherapy Help?

    If you are finding it hard to complete regular exercises due to pain, fatigue or simply time schedules speak to us at Compass Physio.

    Exercise is for everybody. At Compass physio we will complete a full physical assessment and will help identify any possible underlying causes that may limit your exercise regime.

    Our chartered physiotherapists will help you to build strength and strategies which will help tackle any problem.

    At Compass physio we will help you succeed and reach your goals.

    To find out how Compass Physio can help, call 046 954 9456 (this number covers all clinics), click here to book online.

    You can also email any questions to info@compassphysio.ie

    Paddy Mulligan – MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist Compass Physio

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