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At Compass physio we never treat only injuries, tendons, or muscles. When you choose us, you are choosing a full dedicated team that will bring you back to your resilience and painless fearless movement. To achieve that, our professionals need to dig into the problem to figure out what is causing the pain. Time and pain avoidance create different layers around the affected area. Thus, to fix the cause and not only the consequences we will use a global approach.

Osteopathy is one of the best therapies to really dig into the problem and understand how it could be related to stress, old injuries, gut problems, breathing, etc. After a full osteopathic assessment, you will understand how your body works and how things that were not clearly connected could be the main drivers of your consultation.

An osteopathy session will follow the next steps:

  • Step 1: Interview
    Initially our osteopath will listen to your story and will ask general questions to clarify the origin of the pain or de dysfunction.
  • Step 2: Assessment
    After that, the therapist will test your body in different directions in order to connect the findings with your story. More specific questions will be asked and a little explanation of why they are being done will be provided.
  • Step 3: Effective explanation
    Once the story is being more and more connected the osteopath will provide an explanation of:

  • What is really happening in your body

  • How your body reached this situation
  • The best way to change it

Finally, a personalized treatment programme will be provided depending on the characteristics of the case.

  • Step 4:Treatment
    Osteopathy uses a wide range of therapeutic tools to change your body: Spinal manipulations (crack your back), exercises, dry needling, stretches, relaxation tools (mindfulness or meditation), nutrition recommendations, healthy habits, etc.

    Every case is different but almost everyone will benefit from an osteopathic consultation. At the end it is just another way of being aware of our strengths or limitations and how to potentiate or improve them. Lack of self-awareness is probably one of the most important issues of human beings. Osteopathy can make the difference in this matter so why not give it a try?

Don’t Judge Use By What We Say, Judge Us By What Our Patients Say!

You may tried traditional approaches that could have included physiotherapy, massage, been to see a chiro, tried that new exercise regime, but the pain lingers

Here at Compass Physio we pride ourselves on getting to the root cause of your problem with out step by step process

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