The Benefits of 1:1 Pilates

Our 1:1 Pilates Sessions which are taught in our Enfield and Kilcock Clinic are suitable for any age and any level.

We look at the whole picture – all aspects of your life and develop a class that reflects your personal needs to get you moving in the right way!These 60 minute sessions are a must!

Especially for those who are new to Pilates and those who are looking to focus on mastering their Pilates technique. All levels are welcome!

Your bespoke Pilates session will be uniquely designed for you, by our expert instructor Emer McCabe! Emer will be able to guide you on the right path to becoming an even better version of you.

If you’ve suffered with back pain, general stiffness and are looking to stay strong! Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to help you achieve these goals.

Private sessions are a valuable way for you to dive deep into the way your body moves…and the ways it doesn’t like to move so much. As you build a relationship with your instructor they get to know more about your movement patterns, they can discover the very best exercises to challenge you and get real results for you.

What is Pilates?

A century ago, Joseph Pilates combined controlled movements designed to strengthen the muscles while focusing on your core and alignment to strengthen posture, improve flexibility, and enhance mental awareness and coordination.

The series of strengthening exercises performed in a controlled environment, helps to build the foundational blocks to allow you to move better, get stronger and with less pain.

At Compass Physio Enfield and Kilcock we take into account your injury history! As well as your previous exercise tolerance, it’s not a one size fits all approach! With Emer’s background being Athletic Therapy she knows the importance of this and applies it to each and every class.

For Emer, it’s all about attention to detail, moving in the correct way, breathing with every move, with specific cueing and focus to help you understand the activation and engagement needed to get the most out of your 1:1 sessions.

At Compass Physio Enfield and Kilcock we firmly believe that regular exercise in the form of strengthening our bodies in a safe way is the key to a healthy, well aligned body. We are incredibly passionate about teaching classes that can yield such wonderful results both physically and mentally.

We look forward to sharing the benefits of our 1:1 Pilates Sessions with you.

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

A structured Pilates Programme will often allow you to achieve

· Pain Relief

· Stronger muscles and bones

· Increased flexibility

· Improved daily Function

· Reduce Injury Risk

· Improved Balance

· Correct Muscle Imbalances

· Low Impact on Joints

What can you expect from your 1:1 Pilates Session?

Firstly, your instructor Emer, will ask you to tell them about your story and the goals you’d like to achieve through these sessions.

Emer will ask you about any previous injuries and your current activity level.

During your first session, your teacher will be assessing your movements to see where you’re at with your range of motion and strength, so that we can work with you to balance and improve areas that may be restricted or weak.

Emer will take you through a range of Pilates exercises as well as recording the session so you can watch it back and practice before your next session!

Strengthen your Core. Lengthen your Limits. Tone your Whole Body.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

If you are finding it hard to complete regular exercises due to pain, fatigue or simply time schedules speak to us at Compass Physio.

Exercise is for everybody. At Compass physio we will complete a full physical assessment and will help identify any possible underlying causes that may limit your exercise regime.

Our chartered physiotherapists will help you to build strength and strategies which will help tackle any problem.

At Compass physio we will help you succeed and reach your goals.

To find out how Compass Physio can help, call 046 954 9456 (this number covers all clinics), click here to book online.

You can also email any questions to info@compassphysio.ie

Paddy Mulligan – MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist Compass Physio

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